American Roulette Table Game

Throw the ball in the wheel, and let it roll in American Roulette at EmuCasino.

Game Specifications

Bonus game: No
Jackpot game: No

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    Please note that this game is excluded from the current Casino Race, bonuses or other promotions.

    American Roulette

    Whichever casino you’re in, the loudest scream of fun can be heard only at a Roulette table. Roulette has always been a world-class game favored by majority of players. This one will seriously blow your mind. Great graphics, realistic background sounds, lifelike casino ambience, EmuCasino delivers it all at American Roulette. Place you bets on the roulette table and spin the wheel.

    The payouts depend on the type of bet you have placed. If you place the chip on a single number, you winnings are multiplied by 38. If you have a chance of a 50-50 win, you winnings are multiplied by 2. The great thing about this game is you have such flexible options when it comes to placing bets. Black or Reds, Even or Odd, Highs or Lows, Column bets, dozen bets, the choices are endless.

    Throw the ball in the wheel, and let it roll!